OCDS Multilanguage dashboard

How it works

With this tool users can visualize open contracting data in multiple languages.

Different OCDS implementations can be incorporated in multiple languages with the objective to democratize access to OCDS data for non-technical users, including advocacy groups, research institutions, journalists.

Data sources

All sample data used is the this pilot app is available in the github repository bellow.

OCDS Data from Colombia

Flatten data from open data portal in Colombia. Colombia has a big volume of data, for this project we collected relevant data for the context. It is data about open contracting in hospitals for the past 2 years. All data is available in the open data portal from https://colombiacompra.gov.co

OCDS from Portugal and United Kingdom

The pilot project uses open contracting data for 2018 and 2019 also flattened from OCDS http://opentender.eu


The code for the app is available here:


Prepared datasets are available in the data/prep folder.

The process

  1. User research: We performed interviews to more than 40 people working with Open contracting data in 10 different countries. We will publish the results from this research once we write the report.
  2. Qualitative data structuring: 120 Red Flags, 50 Indicators 50 Frequently asked questions taken from user research.
  3. Design: Remove controls to the maximum, make suggestions to the user.
  4. Open Contracting Data Access: Tested with multiple publishers including national governments, multi-country publishers and OCDS Kingfisher implementation.
  5. Data preparation: Scripts to flatten OCDS data, translation of all OCDS data standard fields and user questions using google translate API, Data pipeline with OCDS dictionaries to have a consolidated SQLite databse.
  6. Web Development: Collection of multiples software package for visualization, reactiviy, visualization recommendation system. Deployment of tool inside Datasketch Apps.
  7. Documentation: Tutorial, demos gifs and videos availble in documentation page.